How Do I Register My Child?

What Is The Process?


1. Fill out the registration form found on the webpage.


2. Registering for the three year old program does not automatically enroll your child for the four year old program. Please enclose two forms (one for each class) if you want to enroll your child in the preschool for two years.


3. Enclose a $25.00 registration fee. Please make checks payable to Culpeper County High School.


4. If you are registering your child for both the three- and four-year old programs, mail BOTH forms together with one $25.00 registration fee.


5. Mail it to: Culpeper County High School Attention:

Jennifer Mullen

14240 Achievement Drive

Culpeper, Virginia 22701


After the registration is received and processed you will be mailed a letter of receipt. The letter will either inform you of acceptance or explain that you child is on the waiting list (we are on a first come, first serve basis). Please be sure to add to your email address book to ensure you receive any important emails from the preschool.


*** If you have any questions about registration, please contact Jennifer Mullen at or call her at 540-825-8310 Ext. 6392 (voicemail) or Ext 6394 (Preschool).